Planning is going great but might need some help…

If you’re loving the planning process so far but think you might want some help in that final stretch leading up to the event, we’re here to help! That month, or two months before is the perfect time for us to step in and take away any stress you might have!

Pricing starts at $7,000

This package is perfect for you if you’ve already kicked off the planning process and have a good sense of what you want for your event. Partial planning is meant to be for clients who have booked their venue and catering but need assistance with the rest! This package is also inclusive of 10 hours of day of coverage on the event day. 

This package is inclusive of 10 hours of day of coverage on the event day and includes:
→ Recommend any vendors you still need to book
→ Assist with any outstanding details
→ Full design consultation
→ Full itinerary and timeline creation
→ Full management of all vendor outreach and communications
→ Dedicated Google Drive Folder with subfolders for planning organization

 We know those last couple months before the event everything can get really overwhelming so we are here to take that feeling away and make it smooth sailing! We will work with your full vendor team to make sure everyone is where they need to be and all the details are perfect! 

But we know exactly how to help! 

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Natalia was a HUGE part of my wedding’s success! Having my wedding during Covid at a big outdoor venue, we had lots of DIY projects and many vendors to coordinate with. Natalia went above and beyond to make sure she knew everything going on. She thought of EVERY detail. I relied on her for ideas throughout the whole planning process! I would 110% trust her with your wedding day! 

-Lauren T.

We’d love to hear more about your vision for your event.

Let’s work together to make sure every element is full of personality, and perfection!